Strategic Plan 2018

In Spring 2017, The Northwest School embarked on a new strategic planning process, the goal of which is to unveil a new plan by Spring 2018. From the outset, the process has been inclusive, inviting, and committed to honoring the needs, hopes, and dreams of our whole school community.

The Process

Through surveys, focus groups, interviews, and retreats, nearly 1000 members of our community have contributed input to the planning process. We are very excited to be on this journey, envisioning the possibilities for the future of our school. We will keep you updated on this fun, challenging, and rewarding work. Stay tuned!

The Team

Leading the endeavor is a task force of dedicated faculty, administrators, and board members who are devoting hours of time and energy to the cause. This strong group represents many facets of the school’s leadership, operations, culture, and values. Here are the members:

    Board of Trustees

  • Mike Anderson, Vice President & Treasurer
  • Ian Blaine, Task Force Co-Chair
  • Ann Bradford, Task Force Co-Chair
  • Felicia Job
  • Lynda Lopez
  • Mark Malamud
  • Cynthia Tee
  • Kathleen Wareham, President


  • Kevin Fong, Elemental Partners
  • Ian Symmonds, Ian Symmonds & Associates

    Administration & Faculty

  • Shie Benaderet, Educational Technology Coordinator
  • Erica Bergamini, Middle School Math & Science Faculty
  • Tuney Kannapell, Assistant Head of School
  • Harumi LaDuke, Upper School Humanities Faculty
  • Mike McGill, Head of School
  • Maria Moses, Middle School Dean of Students & Math Faculty
  • Randy Silver, Middle School & Upper School Arts Faculty
  • Chance Sims, Upper School Director