From the Head of School

If you’re fortunate enough to attend a Northwest School home basketball game this winter, you might do a double-take when our mascot—The House—takes the floor. But The House, modeled after our iconic main building, is not an accident. Rather, it’s a symbolic reminder that this wonderful old edifice is the intellectual home of an idealistic community of scholars who embrace learning, both for its own sake—and for its promise to change the world for the better. And the moment you walk in our massive but welcoming front doors you’ll find the joy in learning here is palpable.

You’ll also discover that Northwest is a demanding place. It has to be. The world is shrinking, its challenges increasingly complicated. The pace of change is unprecedented. Here, we believe the kind of education that will prepare our kids to thrive in such a world must reflect these complexities. So we embrace paradox. Because the world is never merely one thing or the other, life in the House is both intimate and intense; supportive and challenging; improvisational and exacting; intellectual and playful; academic and creative. We celebrate the power of both individual and community. Here, among a truly diverse group of peers from around the world, students are encouraged—and feel safe—to wrestle with new ideas, express bold opinions, and take on novel challenges. Our interdisciplinary approach and unique interplay of academic and creative experiences are intentional. We believe this is how real learning happens—the kind that develops thinkers, activists, and innovators.

But don’t take my word for it. Check our website, and most importantly, please pay us a visit to see what life in the House might be like for you. We think it’s transformational.

Mike McGill
Head of School