The 2017-18 School Year

We are currently accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year through the Ravenna application website. Scroll down for an overview of the application process, or for detailed instructions about how to apply, and to submit an application, please click the Apply Online button below to get started on Ravenna:

Apply Online

Application Overview

1. Submit an Online Application

  • Preliminary Application Deadline: December 7
  • Final Application Deadline: January 11
  • $70 application fee required

2. Complete the Supplemental Forms

  • Parent/Guardian Questionnaire: Answer all questions and submit the questionnaire.
  • Supplemental forms include Parent/Guardian Questionnaire, Student Interest Sheet, and requesting Teacher Evaluations and Transcripts.
  • Deadline: January 11

3. Take the ISEE or SSAT Test

  • We accept either ISEE or SSAT scores. Register online and indicate that your scores should be sent to The Northwest School.
  • ISEE (school code: 481127)
  • SSAT (school code: 5413)
  • Deadline: January 20

4. Attend a Student Visit Day

  • All applicants must attend a student visit day. We will contact you via e-mail you with your visit day appointment schedule after we process your application.

Need Help?

If you need assistance with any part of the application process, please contact us at or 206.682.7309, extension 6032.