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Local, Seasonal, and Fresh

The NWS kitchen, headed by Bethany Fong, makes all of its decisions based on a philosophy of serving the most local, seasonal, and fresh foods to the students and faculty. Bethany plans her menu for 500+ people based off a fresh list from Frank’s Produce at the Pike’s Place Market.

The company is owned by a fourth generation family who used to farm in Burien; they now draw from only small local farmers, an approach which provides them with the freshest produce and supports our local economy. The NWS menu often lists “Fresh Veggie” to give Bethany the flexibility to choose the best produce available to serve to our community. The main buzz-word is seasonal, which emphasizes locally grown and transported foods to support a sustainable food system that values each step in bringing food from the farm to the plate.

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Environmental Sustainability

What and How We Eat Reflects Our Values

The NWS kitchen composts all food waste and recycles all recyclable materials. When the school implemented this system of compost and recycling, the kitchen reduced the amount of trash produced by over 80%.

When our previous local bagel supplier switched from a bulk delivery to individually wrapped bagels in plastic bags, Northwest found a new bagel supplier so the school would be sending less trash to the landfill. Very few products in the NWS kitchen come in individual packages, for example, our yogurt is provided in bulk and served at the salad bar. We negotiated with Loki Fish Co., one of our fish providers, to bring the kitchen large orders of fish in cardboard boxes rather than smaller plastic-wrapped quantities. These are a few examples of how the kitchen makes many daily choices that consider the environment around us, while providing our community with fresh and nutritious meals.

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Practicing Environmental Sustainability

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