Celebrating Science with Winterfest

Every Northwest student and faculty member joined together to celebrate the last school day of 2019 with Winterfest, an annual celebration of all things science, on Dec. 20.

The 12th grade physics students unveiled pressurized rockets in front of a crowd of their umbrella-holding classmates. The 11th grade chemistry students engaged all grade levels with various activities, including creating homemade slime with the 6th graders and bioplastics with the 10th graders.

A portion of the day also involved addressing climate change. Robin McLahlan, a Ph.D. student in oceanography at the University of Washington, and Mariona Claret, and ocean scientist at the University of Washington, engaged in a panel discussion with students about the effects of climate change and how climate change-related science intersects with social justice.

Senior Puja C. asked the panelists if individuals in their field are using the data and applying it to environmental justice.

“There are a few steps between us and the policymakers addressing climate injustice, but I always think about it during my research,” replied Robin. “I don’t want to ask a scientific question that doesn’t have that human element.”

Robin and Mariona urged students to continue to make change by reducing their personal waste and striving for a society of zero waste, as well as voting for someone who agrees with climate change policy.