Co-founder Mark Terry Authors Articles

Northwest School Co-founder and former biology teacher Mark Terry has authored two articles for publications related to Biological education. One article, a review of a new book on genes, appears in the October 2018 issue of The American Biology Teacher; the second, an article he co-authored on the historical and philosophical perspective of Intelligent Design, appears in The International Encyclopedia of Biological Anthropology.

Mark’s extensive background in teaching biology and anthropology has made him a sought-out authority on issues of evolutionary science and genetics. In his review of The Gene: From Genetics to Postgenomics, by Hans-Jörg Rheinberger and Staffan Müller-Wille, Mark praises the authors for “succinctly and brilliantly” showing the confounding paradox that there is still no consensus on the definition of a gene, even though the term is used prolifically in the halls of science.

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For the article appearing in The International Encyclopedia of Biological Anthropology, Mark collaborated with Briana Pobiner from the Smithsonian Institution to describe the origins and development of the intelligent design (ID) movement. The article establishes the relationship between ID and creationist beliefs and examines claims and efforts by ID movement leaders to repackage creationism as cutting-edge science.

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