Events, Middle School

Eighth Graders Fly Up to Upper School

On June 14, the 53 members of the 8th grade class gathered in the gymnasium with the Northwest School community, their families, and their friends for the annual Graduation and Fly-up Ceremony.

Class speakers Jane F. and Wendy H. praised their tightly bonded class for being supportive of each other. Daisy L. and Mia S. provided a bit of levity to the ceremony, entertaining the crowd with their favorite quotes from Humanities teacher Jeff Blair.

Miles G. performed “Variations on a Theme by Rossini’s La Cenerentola,” by Frédéric Chopin, on flute, and Megan C. and Scout N. performed Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Memory” on cello and piano, respectively.

The event concluded with the Fly-up ritual, in which each grade at Northwest celebrates the end of the school year and physically advances, as a class, to the next grade.