2019 Climate Strike Walkout Hero

Environmental Sustainability

Northwest School Community Joins Global Climate Strike

Over four hundred Northwest School students and faculty joined the youth-led international movement to march in the Global Climate Strike on Sept. 20, gathering at Cal Anderson Park and continuing on to City Hall.

“We are demanding a place to live that is stable for humans,” says Iliana G. ‘20, one of the leaders of the school’s Environmental Interest Group (EIG). “We are demanding more climate control regulations on companies, stronger environmental policies at the federal level, and funding for environmental projects and research. The end goal is to have a future—a good future.”

Students and faculty worked together to organize Northwest’s participation in the strike. A handful of Upper School students developed and delivered presentations to all Middle and Upper School students about the youth-led Global Climate Strike and the disproportionate impact that climate change has on already marginalized communities, especially people of color, indigenous peoples, and people living in poverty. Faculty helped organize logistics for the day, including snacks and sandwiches for all students participating in the strike, and also planned climate change education programming for students and faculty not able to or interested in participating in the Climate Strike.

Students who did not participate in the march engaged in climate change-focused activities at the school, including watching the film Chasing Ice and discussed possible local and global actions to address climate change.

“Participating in the climate strike is an outstanding learning opportunity, bringing together lessons from science, humanities, modern languages, the arts, among others, and engaging in a global movement outside of the confines of the school,” says Head of School Mike McGill. “The Climate Strike provides an opportunity for Northwest to live out its mission and to stand in solidarity with the young people whose futures are on the line.”

Sixth graders were not able to participate in the march because of their class trip. To showcase their passion for the cause, students worked with 6th grade faculty to create the video below.