Global Learning

Partner School Students Visit Northwest

The Northwest School hosted 15 students and two teachers from Centro Docente María, our partner school in Seville, Spain, for two weeks in April. The Spanish students participated in homestays with Northwest families, interacted with various classes, and saw the sights around Seattle.

"It was amazing to see how easily and naturally the students from our two schools were able to connect with each other," says Dmitry Sherbakov, director of global marketing and programs. "Many new friendships were established during these two weeks, not only between students, but also between their families. This program does more than just advance the partnership between our schools, it strengthens connections in our communities."

The Spanish students spent each weekday morning attending various classes. They participated in Spanish classes with Northwest students, offering additional opportunities for Northwest students to practice language skills with native speakers. The Spanish students also collaborated with 10th grade Humanities classes, reading and acting out scenes from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.

Every year Northwest hosts students from our partner schools in Spain, France, and Taiwan, and our students travel to those countries for six-week study abroad experiences. Read more about our Global Learning Program here.