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Summits Are Underway!

Northwest School students are currently engaged in our immersive two-week learning adventures called Summits. The all-day intentionally cross-graded and cross-curricular classes provide students the opportunity to dive into one subject and study it from multiple lenses.

The 27 courses are designed by teachers to inspire students in studies and activities rooted in The Northwest School’s values, history, and mission. Through an all-day experience, students engage in longer labs, take field trips across the state and country, and spend meaningful time interacting with the greater Seattle community.

Students chose from a wide range of courses, such as The Internet of Things, in which students explore the network of interconnected devices and sensors used to collect data and how to analyze said data. The Transformative Power of the Novel is a Summit that provides students the time and space to write a novel. In Duwamish River: Lifeblood of Seattle, students will explore the upper reaches of the river at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park and partner with Duwamish Tribal members, local organizations, and artists to document and understand the importance of the waterway.

The Summits Program runs simultaneously with our two international trips abroad to Ethiopia and China/Taiwan. Check our NWS Now Blog for updates from those adventures throughout the next two weeks.