Launching Our New Summits Program!

Starting today, all Northwest School students are engaging in a brand new immersive learning adventure called Summits. The all-day intentionally cross-graded and cross-curricular classes, which will last for two weeks, provide students the opportunity to dive into a wide range of subjects and issues.

"We have such an amazing array of courses the kids will have an opportunity to experience," says Assistant Head of School Tuney Kannapell. "Summits provide a lengthier time block and a more active and unique style of learning in an inter-disciplinary framework."

The 27 new courses are designed to lead students and faculty in studies that are rooted in Northwest School's values, history, and mission, and all contain a social justice component. Each day provides opportunities for students to engage in longer labs, take field trips around the state and across the country, spend quality time helping the local community, and participate in action-oriented and meaningful learning experiences.

"There Summits are for students to dig more deeply into a particular topic, whether that topic is about an art form, social justice issue, how to tinker with a 3D printer or laser cutter, or creating a robotic device that creates some action," says Tuney. "It gives kids the time in one solid block to build a special community with their classmates.

The Summits Program runs simultaneously with our three international trips abroad: Cuba, El Salvador, and Ethiopia. Keep an eye out on our NWS Now Blog for updates throughout the next two weeks.