Faculty Published on "The Nation"

Northwest School Humanities teacher Lynne Feeley has been published on The Nation. She wrote a review of They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South, by Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers.

Lynne writes Jones-Rogers's new book is “a definitive account of how deeply invested white women were in the slave economy of the South.” She praises the book for effectively explaining why these slave-owning women were so motivated to protect their status as slave owners.

In her review, Lynne talks about the falsehoods of the classic view of white women in the southern plantations. She notes specifically that in 1918, historian Ulrich Bonnell Phillips once stated that a women’s presence in a plantation makes it a home, rather than a factory. As Lynne writes, “This image of the kind, industrious plantation mistress has had a long life in representations of American slavery.”

Jones-Rogers's book is one of several accounts that attempt to shatter that long-standing myth and tell the more accurate story. Lynne writes, “Jones-Rogers shows that white slave-owning women in the South did not fight racial patriarchy. Because the system was open to them on the basis of whiteness, they joined it.”

You can read Lynne’s full review here.