Student Sculptures Selected for National Exhibition

Three Northwest School students' sculptures have been selected by the National Conference of Educators of Ceramic Arts for display at the K-12 Ceramic Exhibition, March 14-17, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Greta H. '20 sculpted a Bornean orangutan in response to an endangered animal hand building assignment. Alex S. '20 created a highly realistic ear of corn in response to the "Dirty Dozen, Clean 15" assignment. Sixth grader Dane S. crafted a detailed box in the shape of a bearded dragon, inspired by his pet bearded dragon, Spud.

Sculptures are selected for the exhibition based off superior craftsmanship, concept, creativity, authentic meaning, and self-expression.

While thousands of students from across the nation apply, only 150 pieces are chosen for display. Says ceramics teacher Randy Silver: "The K-12 Ceramic Exhibition is 'nationals' for aspiring ceramics students."

In addition to being exhibited, the students' artwork will appear on posters, CDs, in a print catalog, and will be eligible for awards, prizes, and scholarships.