Photos of Summer Camp

The Northwest School Summer Camp runs from July 10 until August 18. For more information on the program, please click here. For even more photos, follow us on Instagram at @NWSSummer.

Aug. 2: Getting the right wires connected in DIY: Robots:

Aug. 1: Learning the chords in Ukulele Fundamentals.

July 31: Working with clay in Ceramics: Sculptures.

July 27: Students prep their glass work in Stained Glass Studio.

July 26: Students practice their scene in One Act Plays.

July 25: Taking a very close look during Marine Biology: Our Changing Ecosystems.

July 24: Prepping robots for battle in the Sumo Bots class.

July 21: Campers eagerly await the start of Showcase to conclude the first session of Summer Camp.

July 20: Students put the finishing touches on their works in Stained Glass Studios.

July 19: Vegas proves you can have fun while doing math in Math: Algebra and Geometry Lab.

July 18: Campers enjoy a game of dodgeball during midday activities.

July 17: ELL Reading and Writing Students take a trip to the Conservatory at Volunteer Park.

July 14: Wyatt B. cooking up something delicious in Cooking with NWS: Food Truck.

July 13: Oliver W. works on his tote bag in Fashion Studios: Re-FABULOUS

July 12: Samantha T. tickles the ivory in Introduction to Keyboarding.

July 11: Students ready their clay in Ceramics: Shaping Sculptures.