Announcing the Summits Program

Students got their first glimpses of the exciting new Summit Programs during Community Meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Descriptions of each Summit were posted around the main building and students had the opportunity to ask faculty questions about the courses.

The Summits will take place in spring 2018, from March 12 to 23. Northwest School faculty designed and fine-tuned the Summits Program for nearly three years. The Summits will engage students and faculty in deep studies that rooted in Northwest's values, history, and mission. The courses are intentionally cross-graded and cross-curricular, providing a wide range of new avenues for more in-depth, creative, and meaningful learning experiences.

"The excitement in the students is energizing," says Assistant Head of School Tuney Kannapell. "The faculty are buzzing with the prospect of teaching interdisciplinary courses with colleagues, often not in their department. The rich content and the creative teaching approaches will make this a unique and rewarding two weeks."

Students will choose from range of 27 courses, and will meet all day, every day, for two weeks. The program is designed to offer authentic learning with real-world applications, connecting students with outside activists, experts, and community organizations in Seattle and across the nation.

Says Tuney: "Our school’s commitment to global citizenship, environmental responsibility, and to social justice are threaded within the courses. Summits take us out of the House and into the community to experience learning, allowing us to burst the boundaries of subject area and time limits."

Here are a few examples of some of the Summit courses:

  • Food Justice: Unearthing Connections Between Land Use History, Race, Class, and Environmental Society: Director of Environmental Education and Sustainability Jenny Cooper and Humanities teacher Harumi LaDuke will help students examine the social and environmental forces that mediate our relationships with food. The course will emphasize the history and science that impacts food systems.
  • LandFillharmonic: Orchestra teacher Jo Nardolillo and band teacher Dave Jewett will lead a group of students in designing, building, and performing on unique instruments created from discarded materials.
  • The Internet of Things: Ed-Tech Coordinator Shie Benaderet and biology teacher Clare Harker will examine the technology that exists all around us. The summit will ask the question of how we can use technology to help us achieve a more just and equitable world?