Repurposing Our New Property

Over Winter Break, The Northwest School took the first step toward preparing its recently purchased property for the future. The building at 1418 Bellevue, which was in a state of severe disrepair due to lack of use in recent years, was efficiently demolished. In keeping with the school’s environmental sustainability values, a significant portion of the building’s material was salvaged and repurposed. Here are some details:

Prior to demolition, we teamed up with the Seattle-based reclamation company Earthwise Architectural Salvage. Earthwise completed two passes through the 1418 building, salvaging many pieces of the interior. This included (but was not limited to) mid-century lighting, door hardware for 13 doors, five panel doors, heat registers, a mantel, lead glass windows, corbels, a built-in wooden bench, cornices, a tin single board sink, a fire place insert, and a decorative “moustache” at the front of the house.

In the immediate future, we will build a pop-up garden on the 1418 footprint, providing another greenspace for students and faculty to enjoy.

On a simultaneous front, several administrative and support faculty packed up their offices on Friday, December 15, and moved from both the Annex and the Main Building into the property at 1422. Formerly a law office, the 1422 building now houses Admissions, Registrar, Development, Communications, and IT, all in one facility.

For more information on the overall project, click here.