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Seattle Times Journalist Visits Northwest

On December 12, Seattle Times columnist Jerry Large spoke to the Northwest School Journalism class and shared his experiences working in the newsroom, described his writing methods, and discussed the evolving state of the industry and social media’s impact on journalism.

"You have to figure out what you want to accomplish every time you write," Jerry told the students. "My goal is to encourage people to think about some issue, particularly in a way they haven't thought about it before."

Jerry, who has been with the Seattle Times in a variety of roles since 1981, currently writes two columns each week. He told students the importance of making sure what they are writing always adds a new voice to the conversation.

Isa M. '18, who expressed interest in pursuing studies in journalism or a related field, picked Jerry's brain about the current state of journalism in the world. Jerry replied, noting that the size of the Seattle Times newsroom has dropped over 50 percent since the economic downturn of 2007. He also expressed that with the proliferation of social media as a questionable source of news, journalism is even more important to society today.

Ruby D. ’18 followed up by asking Jerry to comment on the mindset of journalists in this atmosphere of fake news.

"It is difficult to operate as a journalist in an era when education and facts are under assault," said Jerry. "It makes it even more important as a journalist to continue to push forward as objectively as possible."