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Sixth Graders Act on Global Issues

The culmination of the 6th grade Humanities curriculum every year is the Global Issues Action Projects. On June 11, the students presented their projects to the Northwest School community.

"I think the important thing is for the students to see themselves as agent of change," says 6th grade Humanities teacher Heather Hall. "The action project is designed to show every individual has a responsibility to do what they can and has the power to do so."

The students chose from a wide range of global issues, including ocean pollution, access to education for girls, food waste, and access to clean water, among others. Their research included diving into an actual case study, which provides real life context. Students presented their research in a variety of mediums. Some created websites, others produced PowerPoints, or tri-fold information boards, and some students engaged in artistic responses, such as creating board games, books, or 3d models, to visually express their research.

The most significant portion of the project required the students to carry out an action in their local community to raise awareness. This year’s actions included handing out pamphlets, writing letters to senators and representatives, and organizing clean-up parties for beaches.

Amelie B. held a bake sale and donated the money to the Malala Fund. She was inspired to research girls' access to education after reading I am Malala, the autobiography of Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for female education who was the target of a Taliban gunman in retaliation for her stances.

"I wanted to learn how I and others can help girls gain access to education," says Amelie. "It is a serious issue that needs more attention, because education is critical to helping women find stable jobs and take care of their families."

See below for more photos from the event.