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Sixth Graders Take Action on Global Issues

Culminating months of research about global issues, 6th graders presented their Global Issues Action Projects to the Northwest School community on June 12.

Every year, sixth graders research a global issue, including a case study that gives their issue context. All of this information is then presented on a board during the evening event. The most significant portion of the project is the actual action students must carry out in their local community to raise awareness about their selected issue.

Students tackled a wide range of issues, including deforestation, ocean acidification, child labor, food waste, rising sea levels, and unsustainable food practices. They raised awareness in a wide range of ways, from creating and handing out pamphlets to raising money for a charity supporting their cause. Ursula T., whose project focused on child labor, created an informational website.

"There are 317 million child laborers in the world, and I was shocked to learn it was that many," says Urusla. "I created a website to make it easier for people to access the information, and hopefully they will be shocked and take action as well."

For some students, the inspiration for their projects came from their curriculum earlier in the year. Emelyn C. read Outcasts United, a true story of a refugee soccer team started by Luma Mufleh in Clarkston, Georgia. Emelyn raised money by performing a guitar concert and donating the proceeds to The Fugees Academy, a school developed by Luma that specifically serves refugees.

Many students described how the project inspired change in their own lives. Josie F. researched and acted upon sweatshops and poor labor conditions.

"After doing my research, I became more conscious about what kind of things I want to buy," says Josie. "When you see something really cheap, you have to be cautious because that might come from bad working conditions."

See below for photos of the evening.