2020 Ceramics Hero


Student Ceramic Artwork Selected for National Exhibition

Two Northwest School ceramics students have been chosen for the 2020 National K-12 Ceramics Exhibition. The art show, intended to take place March 25-28, in Richmond, Virginia, will now be an online exhibition in light of recent restrictions associated with the COVID-19 virus.

Puja C. ‘20 created a highly detailed Aboriginal-inspired mask. The mask was in response to Randy’s “Masks of the World” assignment, in which students were assigned to create a mask from an arbitrarily chosen part of the world. Students must research masks from their chosen location before beginning the project. Puja bisque-fired her mask, applied an underglaze, fired it again, coated it in clear glaze, and then finished with one final firing!

Luna B. ‘22 created a moon box with a cleverly designed lid. Her artwork was in response to an assignment in which students make a slab-built box that in some way reflects their identity. Luna employed a meticulous version of the soft-slab, hand-building technique. She cut the lid with a unique pathway that incorporated one of the incised stars on the side of her container. The star served as an alignment key to fit the lid snugly on the box.

Ceramics teacher Randy Silver calls the National K-12 Ceramics Exhibition the “nationals of ceramics.” Thousands of pieces are submitted for consideration and only 150 pieces are chosen. Despite not being shown in person this year, the artwork will appear on posters, CDs, in a print catalog, and will be eligible for awards, prizes, and scholarships.

Congratulations Luna and Puja!