Student's Short Film Awarded Honorable Mention

Northwest School junior Peter G. has received an Honorable Mention by the Guerilla Film Project for his film short Joe + Amanda. The Guerilla Film Project, organized by the Pickford Film Center in Bellingham, Washington, gives participants 65 hours to create a three-minute film.

Guerilla filmmakers must include several prompts in their films. This year the required prompts were a scene with a bicycle, a scene with a tree, a character saying the dialogue "but why," and an overhead shot. Peter's film tells the story of Joe (played by Northwest School junior Spencer F.) trying to win the heart of Amanda (played by Northwest School senior Julia S.).

Peter became interested in film around two years ago after taking a summer camp class at the Northwest Film Forum. Since then, he has taken multiple classes at the film forum, and he is looking forward to enrolling in Northwest School's film class for his senior year.

This specific project allowed Peter to focus on his favorite aspect of film production—editing. He says that although 65 hours is a quick turnaround, some other festivals only allow 48 hours, so he was able to get an extra night of editing.

"I really like editing, which is not what I expected when I first started," says Peter. "It is tedious, but it is also fun. It is where all your work comes together. You can see it and envision your finished project."