Environmental Sustainability

Supporting Local Farms

The Northwest School is partnering with the Puget Sound Food Hub to provide students and faculty more fresh and local produce during school lunches next year. To learn where the food is specifically coming from, the dining services faculty recently took a trip to Skagit Valley to visit the small farms growing the produce.

Puget Sound Food Hub is a co-op system of small farm owners in the Skagit Valley area. Farmers forecast what produce they will have available and then post that information on the Food Hub's website. Customers peruse the market on the website and make their purchases directly from the farmers. The farms then pick, wash, and package the food before sending it to the Food Hub, which handles the distribution to the customers.

"Through Puget Sound Food Hub, we have the opportunity to practice what we preach and support a good cause," says Bethany Fong, Director of Food Services.

One of the pillars of The Northwest School's mission since its founding is a commitment to environmental sustainability. Buying local produce helps minimize greenhouse gas emissions from transporting produce over long distances.

Bethany hopes that by collaborating with truly local farms, the food program will mirror the intentionality of the academic program.

"I want to develop a culture of thoughtful eaters,” says Bethany. “To help students think about where their food comes from, and who grows and picks it. I want students to be able to connect food to more than just their hunger. I want them to connect what they eat to their values.”