The Importance of Observation

Sophomore biology students visited the Seattle Aquarium to carefully observe the marine wildlife interacting with their environments on Sept. 25.

"This field trip truly allows the students to practice making objective observations. That is an important skill for science because that is how we process the entire world around us," says Biology teacher Sophie Daudon.

Students selected an animal or sea creature in the aquarium, choosing from a wide range of wildlife: sea otters, octopi, long billed curlews, and tufted puffins, among others. Students observed their wildlife for an hour, drawing detailed sketches of the animal in its environment and taking detailed notes on how the animals behaved in the surroundings. During the next week, the students will turn those detailed sketches and notes into a field journal.

The field trip acts as a segue to the next curriculum unit for the biology students: ecology, or the study of relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.