2019 Biology Aquarium

Academics, Upper School

The Science of Observing Organisms

The entire 10th grade class began their studies in biology by observing organisms at the Seattle Aquarium, on Monday, Sept. 16.

“Observation is at the heart of understanding, especially in the natural world,” says biology teacher Kathryn Wallace. “We so rarely get the time to sit down and observe, and it was important to demonstrate that for the students. Observation is even more paramount as the rate of species dying off increases.”

Students spent roughly an hour observing, drawing, and writing about an organism of their choosing in the aquarium. They specifically focused on how their organism interacts with its surrounding environment.

Utilizing signage and aquarium staff expertise, students expanded their knowledge about their organism’s reproductive cycles, and what ecological issues face the organism where it lives in its natural environment.

Students will next create a field guide entry featuring their acquired information and physical sketches from the aquarium visit.