Upper School Students Excel at Winter Concert

Nearly 60 students gathered in the intimate settings of the Fremont Abbey, on Tuesday, Feb. 6, for the Upper School Jazz and Orchestra Winter Concert.

In the first half of the evening, the Upper School Jazz Band performed in two different combos, one of which was named after Seattle jazz legend and former NWS teacher Floyd Standifer. The Standfier combo performed two songs by jazz composer Ryan Fraley, "Time Will Tell" and "Leap Day." The second combo played four pieces, including a song from Argentinian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim and a song written by Jem Finer and Andre Ranken, members of the band The Pogues.

In an exciting highlight of the evening, the Upper School Orchestra collaborated with the Creative Dance class for a special performance. The orchestra, which arranged their seating to represent the bow of a ship, played the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, by Hans Zimmer. The dancers, dressed in blue, simultaneously performed an original piece called "Water," choreographed by dance teacher Maya Soto and her students.