Student Interest Groups

Any student with a passion or interest can start an Interest Group at The Northwest School. These groups meet from one to three times a month and can operate any number of ways depending on the students involved. Some, such as the Feminist Interest Group, raise awareness on social issues throughout the community. Others, like the Coding Group, inspire students to learn from and teach each other about rapidly changing technologies in society.

Sample Groups

Environmental Action Interest Group
The Environmental Interest Group (EIG) includes students in grades 6-12 and works to expand the environmental consciousness of every individual within The Northwest School in order to promote global and local change through concrete projects and advocacy. The student-led group has more than 30 members and a long history of engagement on and off campus. One of the signature projects of the EIG is the school's current Urban Farm and Garden.

Model UN Interest Group
The Model UN Interest Group was started by students interested in international relations. Model UN members have organized extra-curricular trips to speaking sessions with foreign diplomats in Seattle, and have participated in Model UN events around the region. The group also helps coordinate the NWS Global Affairs Speaker Series, which organizes discussions with global relation experts.

Social Justice Squad
(SJS) is a 9-12 grade Interest Group committed to promoting and tackling some of the toughest issues in society. Students work closely with faculty to help plan and execute community-wide conversations on subjects such as race relations and microaggressions. In its first year, the SJS brought the entire school together during a special extended Community Meeting to help explain microaggressions to the student body and what the community can do to stop them.

Other Interest Groups include:

  • Acting
  • Amnesty International
  • Badminton
  • Black Student Union
  • Community Meeting Student Committee
  • Coral Reef DIY
  • Cupcakes for a Cause
  • Eclectic Jam Sessions
  • Feminist Interest Group
  • Free Draw Interest Group
  • GLAM (Gay, Lesbian, and More)
  • History Day
  • Internet of Things
  • Lacrosse
  • Mandarin (Ni Hao)
  • Math Club
  • Middle School Book Club
  • Middle School Social Events Planning Committee
  • Mindfulness
  • Opera Club
  • Outdoor Program
  • PlayClayPlay
  • Quiet Recreational Reading
  • Standardized Calm
  • Strings and Composition Group
  • The Foundation For Tomorrow
  • Water1st