Dylan Meconis '01

Dylan Meconis ’01 was only a sophomore at Wesleyan University’s College of Letters when a publisher first approached her. Her writing and illustration, which she had been sharing online with other comic artists, caught the attention of the online publisher Girlamatic.com. In short order, her first graphic novel, Bite Me!, debuted to audiences around the world.

“It’s a story about a bunch of incompetent vampires trying to solve the French Revolution,” laughs Dylan. “I read Tale of Two Cities in class at Northwest and combined it with the satire of Ann Rice.”

Since Bite Me!’s release, Dylan has authored and illustrated several projects, including Family Man, a long-running, dramatic, historical fiction graphic novel for adults, published online and in print by Dylan herself; and Queen of the Sea, a middle-grade book aimed at 10-14 year olds, which will be published in print by Abrams’ Comicarts, available in bookstores in late 2018.

Dylan’s talent as a creative writer emerged in early adolescence and she remembers showing Northwest School Humanities teachers Tamara Bunnell and Jeff Blair her sci-fi novellas. In Upper School she took her first cartooning class and began work on Bite Me!, which she submitted as her senior project.

“As a graphic novelist, and you must constantly decide what is the more important visual and how to narrate it successfully, how to create something evocative in a limited space,” testifies Dylan, “I learned that at Northwest."