Lynda Turet '01

Lynda's unique career path has taken her from working on legislation at the NYC City Council to helping convene social justice leaders in post-Hurricane Katrina Gulf Coast, and now to launching her own company in home design and staging. Her move into entrepreneurship came after finishing a graduate degree in Human Geography where she studied the social impact of space. "Part of why I started the company was to put my creativity to work. It is grounding to help people find solutions in one of their most sacred spaces- their home," says Lynda. She is on a mission to give people the tools to transform their personal space into an environment of inspiration.

"What I learned at the NWS has stuck with me throughout all of my career moves. It helped to shape me both as a compassionate citizen and as a business woman." She added, "being entrepreneurial in anything you do takes creativity, independent thinking, and gall. The NWS helped me develop all of these qualities."

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