Youngbin Park ’10

Youngbin’s fascination with biology began at a young age (he remembers being hooked at 12 years old) but his interest grew exponentially in high school. “Surgery and emergency medicine are the top two specialties that I feel most passionate about.” Says Youngbin, who is now in his third year at Younsei Medical School in Seoul, Korea. He will finish his degree in 2018.

After graduating from Northwest in 2010, Youngbin attended John Hopkins University, in Baltimore, where he majored in Biology, graduating two semesters early in 2013, with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology. While there, he was a member of a research team that studied neural stem cell migration during development and how it relates to schizophrenia. The research was published in the Cell Stem Cell journal in 2014.

As successful as his research experience was at Johns Hopkins, Youngbin decided his true passion lay with emergency room medicine. “I prefer working with my hands and body rather than sitting down, reading text and lab data,” confirm Youngbin, whose aspiration is to practice medicine at a university hospital in Korea. “Emergency medicine interests me because its goal is to treat patients with acute illnesses and effect immediate results.”