Becca Levy

B.A., International Relations, focus in China, Brown University; B.A., East Asian Studies, focus in Chinese Studies, Brown University

Becca is an internationally minded educator and scholar with particular passions for cross-cultural empathy, intellectual courage, and student-centered learning. She has been studying Mandarin for nine years. Before substituting in several independent high schools in Seattle, Becca served a Fulbright grant year as an English Teaching Assistant in Taitung County, Taiwan. Becca’s experiences in East Asia also include studying abroad through the Princeton in Beijing Intensive Mandarin Program and interning at the education-consulting firm Active Learning, in Tokyo, Japan. Her experiences include working as a Residential Advisor for Middlebury Interactive Languages, an all-Chinese summer language academy for high school students, as well as managing and coordinating the Olneyville English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program, a small non-profit that offers free ESOL classes for adult immigrants and refugees in Providence, RI. Becca has spent six total years teaching and training other teachers to conduct dynamic, culturally sensitive, and immersion-style language classes.

When asked to reflect on the opportunity to teach Mandarin at Northwest, Becca replied, “I am not Chinese or Taiwanese, and I would never want to pretend to be perfect or 100 percent knowledgeable about life in Shanghai or the nuances of complex idiomatic expressions. Rather, I am a skilled American language teacher with a deep belief in the power that language learning has to open students’ minds to other perspectives. For me, the beauty and importance of language learning lies in the curiosity, respect, and courage it takes to try to empathize with another way of life.”

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