Dani Kim

B.A. (Fine Arts), University of Texas at Arlington; M.A. (Teaching), Seattle University

Dani joins us from Nathan Hale High School in Seattle where she managed and taught an integrated 11th grade AP Language and 12th grade AP Literature courses. On a number of occasions, she has also taught in summer school programs at Franklin High School, leading the American Literature and Visual Arts credit courses. She has also taught at Daewon Foreign Language High School and Konkuk University EIE Academy, both in Seoul where she encouraged the establishment of the school literary magazine, debate team and speech club. She specialized in immersive English courses that centered around argumentative writing and communication. Her Arts degree concentrated in art curation and screen writing. She continues to strive towards implementing lessons with a critical literary and social justice lens. Dani lives by the educators’ philosophy which served as a spring board into pursuing her graduate studies in Seattle: "The moment teachers stop learning, they cease to provide students with the appropriate knowledge and skills necessary for the ever-changing society today."

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