Jack Diedrich

B.A. (Biology, focus in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Brown University

Originally hailing from Montana, Jack is an environmental researcher who is passionate about education, language, and communication. Jack first got his start in education by working with high school students in Providence, RI, leading an after school environmental science and social justice group. Prior to his time at the Northwest School dorm, Jack also helped coordinate and run an academic enrichment program for elementary school students in Seattle and spent time leading English conversation classes with high school students in Taiwan while studying Chinese. Jack is excited to bring this background to the Northwest School dorm, along with his commitments to education practices centered around student voice and direction and cross-cultural empathy.

In addition to his work at the Northwest School Dorm, Jack also works in partnership with a soil science lab at the University of Washington and the state government by conducting research that sits at the intersection of the environmental and computer sciences. Jack has been lucky to conduct both lab and field work in the fields of evolutionary biology, plant biology, and soil science, and loves interweaving these experiences with his work at the dorm.

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