​Megan Reibel

B.A. (Psychology & Education), Mount Holyoke College; M.Ed. (School Counseling), Seattle Pacific University. Before Megan joined NWS, she counseled and coached at Nathan Hale High School and Eastside Catholic School.

Megan has a passion for working with high school and middle school students and is grateful for the unique role she is able to play in the lives of students. Megan provides the NWS community comprehensive support services, short term counseling, and referrals for families and students. When not at school, Megan, who is a native Seattleite, is busy juggling life with her family and always ready for the next adventure. In quiet moments, you'll find Megan with her nose in a book and a mug of coffee in hand. Someday, she'll find the time to play golf again (or go back to school).

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