Our dance teachers believe that by engaging the brain, body and personality, dance heightens kinesthetic and musical intelligence, promotes civility and community, and relieves stress.

Classes in contemporary dance styles are offered at various grade levels. Courses focus on dances from many cultures, enriched by the frequent participation of guest artists. Contemporary dance classes allow students to experience a variety of modern and social dance forms, from the past and the present.

  • Upper School: Creative Dance

    This class focuses on exploring and creating movement. Students embody the elements of dance by trying out a variety of styles, and on any given day, students will be breakdancing, belly dancing, balancing their partner on their back, swing dancing, or swashbuckling. Students explore new ways of moving while learning the basic dance Habits of Mind: focus, observation, awareness, and control of body in space.

  • Upper School: Jazz, Theater, Dance, and Popular Styles

    This class concentrates on contemporary jazz, classic theater dance, and other popular movement styles. Jazz dance includes influences from African and Latin styles as well as swing and ballet. Students will dive into these styles and explore their histories and techniques.

  • Upper School: Social Dance

    In this class, students will learn how to swing and salsa, as well as a variety of line and party dances. Students will learn basic steps, flashy turns, and simply how to be a great lead and how to follow—all that is needed for a lifetime of dancing.

  • Upper School: Performing Dance Ensemble

    This class is for those who love to learn and create dances, and for those who love to perform. Students will explore improvisational exercises and choreographic devices and will learn how to build skills in collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication, through dance, in a non-competitive environment.

  • Middle School: Jump into Dance

    This class is a creative and cultural approach to the world of dance through a variety of styles. Students will play improvisational games and practice choreographic exercises to help embody dance elements such as space, time, energy, and force.

  • Middle School: Modern/Contemporary Dance

    This class teaches students movement expression through technique, improvisation, composition, and performance. Students will increase muscle memory and gain confidence, strength, stamina, and flexibility, while opening channels of creativity and self-expression.

  • Middle School: Dance for Musical Theater

    Dance scenes in plays and movies advance the plot, bring time periods to life, and reveal characters. In this class, students will learn dances from different musicals that serve each of these purposes.

  • Middle School: Hip-Hop Styles

    Students in this class will learn top rocks, power moves, footwork, and freezes. Students will take a fun approach to hip-hop styles and contemporary dance, including warm-ups, skill practice, and dance choreography. It is the perfect class for students interested in improving their dancing and for those who are interested in performing.

  • Middle School: Intro to Breakdancing

    In this class, students discover their inter B-boy/B-girl while learning the history and elements of this athletic and acrobatic dance form. Classes include warm up, skills practice, free-styling, and much more. Students will learn top rocks, footwork, power moves, and freezes, and will have the opportunity to learn from local guest artists.

  • Middle School: Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary Jazz Dance

    This class focuses on creating and learning contemporary and jazz-style dances. Students will dive into these styles and explore isolation and syncopated rhythms, and will also learn technique, improvisation, and choreography for performance.

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