Institutional Practices

Institutional Practices

We believe instilling sustainable habits and modeling stewardship is the responsibility of every member of The Northwest School community. This extends to the school itself. As an educational institution, The Northwest School has a powerful role to play. In 2013, we were the first independent school to request an environmental evaluation by the Norwest Association of Independent Schools as part of a re-accreditation process. Shortly thereafter, the school adopted an environmentally preferable purchasing policy, supporting thoughtful purchasing of more sustainable products from local businesses. And in 2018, Northwest was one of the first independent schools in the nation to transfer 100% of its endowment funds to sustainably and socially responsible investments.


Mindful Purchasing

The Northwest School has an official Environmental Preferable Purchasing Policy (EPPP). The policy guides faculty and administrators in the purchase of products and services whose environmental and social impacts are less damaging to the environment and human health when compared to competing products and services. Click here to read the Northwest School's EPPP.

The EPPP is designed to strengthen and encourage environmentally responsible and socially conscious purchasing at Northwest. We hope the EPPP influences providers, peers, and community members to do the same.


Investing in the Future

We have taken the bold stand to align our values with our investments, transferring 100 percent of our endowment to funds that better reflect our longstanding commitment to teach and promote environmental sustainability, social justice, and global perspective.

Using a strategy that incorporates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) screens to evaluate potential investments, the school is now avoiding investing in fossil fuels and other polluting industries, and also in alcohol, tobacco, gaming, adult entertainment, weapons, and nuclear energy. In addition, the portfolio eschews companies with egregious patterns of behavior around equity and human rights issues, as well as those with less than one woman on their boards.


Gold Certified Green School

In 2017, Washington Green Schools awarded The Northwest School a Gold-Certification. Washington Green Schools provides schools with the support and resources to empower students to become environmental leaders. Schools gain certification through student-led initiatives, including investigating environmental issues at school, creating action plans, and making meaningful and lasting changes on campus. Read more about the certification process here.

Aligning with our mission

Walking the Talk

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