Outdoor Program

Seeing Our Natural Connections

The Outdoor Program provides a range of opportunities for students to understand, interact with, and care for themselves, each other, and the natural world. Together, we go on one-day and weekend adventures to build snow caves, backpack on the Olympic Coast, bike around Lopez Island—and that’s just the beginning. Through time spent in the outdoors, students develop empathy, respect, humility, self-awareness, a sense of humor, as well as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. Further, our trips are designed to develop life-long recreational skills and habits that are safe and ecologically sound, with an emphasis on environmental ethics and a sense of wonder for the places around us. All trips are open to Middle and Upper School students and most do not require previous experience.

Our greatest hope is that these outdoor trips plant seeds for the future. We want our students to develop a lifelong passion and love for nature.

Jeremy DeWitt

Science teacher and Outdoor Program Trip sponsor

Upcoming Experiences


The Great Northwest Campout: Oct. 3-4

Our first Outdoor Program experience of this school year is The Great NWS Campout 2020. In this socially-together, but physically-distanced experience in nature we encourage students, parents/guardians, faculty, and alumni to spend meaningful time outdoors. We recognize that camping may not be feasible for every person or situation, but no worries! ANY meaningful outdoor experience you can take part in counts! If you can’t camp, can you go for a hike? Can you have a picnic in a park? Can you sit under a tree or at the water’s edge for 10 minutes and just listen?

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Please email Nathan Franck, Outdoor Program Coordinator, with any questions.

Outdoor Program