Information for Students/Families

Expectations for Outdoor Program Participants

The Outdoor Program believes that students grow and accomplish most when given responsibility. We expect students to be responsible for all aspects of their participation (e.g. safety, gear, meeting attendance) on outdoor trips. See below for more specifics:

  • Pre-trip attendance at information sessions prior to trips
  • Attendance at specially scheduled training sessions for particular trips (these sessions are rare and are scheduled as needed around student schedules)
  • Payment of trip fees designed to cover the cost of transportation and campground fees where appropriate. The fee will usually range from $20.00 to $50.00 per trip, with the average around $30.00. Financial assistance is available through The Northwest Experience Fund.
  • Agreement to abide by the school guidelines and policies for school functions and activities, as set forth in the student handbook
  • Preparation for each outing in terms of needed equipment, food, resources as explained in the information sheet for each trip

How to Sign Up for a Trip

To sign up for trips, students and their parent/guardians must complete a form together on My BackPack, and the student must also attend two mandatory pre-trip meetings. Forms for upcoming trips, as well as dates for pre-trip meetings, are available three week before the departure date.

How to Access the Forms in My BackPack

  1. Log in to your My Backpack account
  2. Click on "My Forms/Documents"
  3. Download the appropriate Outdoor Program permission form

After following these steps, you’ll be able to fill out the permission slip for your student to attend a specific trip.

We will charge the fee associated with the trip through your online school statement. Please visit the Account Details section of MyBackPack after the trip to pay the fee by credit card or e-check. If you do not want to wait for the fee to be posted to your account, you can make a prepayment through My Backpack or send a check to the school. The Northwest Experience Fund covers this 100% of Outdoor Program fees for families that receive financial aid. If you have any questions about payment, please contact

Students will need their student ID number in order to complete the form. ID numbers are listed on each student's schedule on My BackPack.

If you experience technical difficulties with My BackPack, please email or call the front desk at 206-682-7309.

Earning PE Credit Through the Outdoor Program

Students may earn PE credit through participation in Outdoor Program trips. To earn full PE credit for any trimester, a student must earn at least five days of outing experience. To earn half PE credit for any trimester, a student must complete at least three days of outing experience. Each trip will be rated as to the number of days experience it provides (see schedule below). Students desiring a full PE credit will usually need to participate in three or four trips per trimester. If full or half credit is not earned during one trimester, the outing days will roll over to the following trimester.

Outdoor Program trips and associated “days” of credit earned for each:

Trimester 1

  • Camping 101 – two days
  • Alpine Backpacking Trip – two days
  • Snoqualmie Tunnel Bike Ride – one day
  • Day Hike – one day

Trimester 2

  • Mt. Baker Igloo Trip – two days
  • Cross Country Ski Trip – one day
  • Snowshoe Trip – one day
  • Lopez Island Bike Trip – one day

Trimester 3

  • Olympic Coast Trip – three days
  • Rock Climbing Trip – one day
  • Kayaking Trip – one day