Technology is one of many tools students and faculty use to foster learning at The Northwest School. Teachers and the Educational Technology Coordinator collaborate to create meaningful technology-rich learning.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology is available in the computer lab, in the library, in classrooms, and on laptop carts throughout the school. All students have access to WiFi and email, which means that students can bring their own devices and connect to our network when appropriate. Student email accounts are provided through Microsoft, using Office 365, which gives each student the ability to install the latest version of Office (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) on up to five devices. Students have access to the computer lab and library during free periods, and can always come for help with assignments or using technology at home. Most classrooms have interactive whiteboards (SMART), which teachers use to create engaging lessons, and teachers post a great deal of the content they create to their teacher pages, which are online and accessible from home.

Juniors and seniors can take Computer Science, a course that will teach students about the fundamental topics of computational thinking, programming, big data, privacy and security, and the social impacts of computing. Students will learn the general principles of program design and algorithmic thinking applicable to any program language and create their own applications to highlight learned concepts. Current events will be used to prompt questions about policy, ethics and their effect on society.

The Educational Technology Coordinator provides broad technical support to faculty and students. He coaches students in PowerPoint presentations and multimedia and video productions. His goal is to ensure that Upper Schoolers can use technology with ease and confidence and enhance their own learning. Students have remote access to their files at any time, and the Educational Technology Coordinator is available to answer technology questions from parents.

Ethical behavior and internet safety are repeatedly emphasized throughout a student's years at The Northwest School.