The goal of The Northwest School Parent Association is to build and encourage a united parent community and to provide a network of communication between parents, guardians, faculty and administration. We are committed to supporting the Northwest School’s philosophy of educating students with historical, scientific, artistic and global perspective, thus enabling our children to think and act with integrity.

As a parent or guardian of a Northwest student, you are automatically a member of the Parent Association. In being a part of this group, you are welcome and encouraged to join in the activities that the PA sponsors. You can attend Parent Enrichment Forums where valuable parenting related topics are presented and discussed. You can serve as a Parent Representative and enhance communication. You can participate in activities celebrating the school’s diversity and creativity, volunteer your time and talents to social endeavors or support school community members in times of need.

However you choose to be involved, we hope you will find within the Parent Association a community that welcomes and supports you and your family. Please feel free to contact your Parent Representative, or any of us, with questions or comments.

Barbara Chin and Darren Carnell, Middle School Co-Chairs
Val Nelson and Mary Seifred, Upper School Co-Chairs
Juli Wang & Julie Packard, Upper School International Co-Chairs
Alison Krupnick, Parent Education Chair

Parent Association Goals

    • To promote a sense of community and encourage open communication between families and the Northwest School.
    • To provide educational opportunities for parents and guardians through various Parent Association forums, groups, and activities.
    • To support the Northwest School’s mission and philosophy by recruiting volunteers to help with school events, programs and activities.

    Parent Association Structure

    The Parent Association is a self-perpetuating group that is approved by the Board of Trustees. All parents and guardians of The Northwest School are members of our Parent Association. The leadership of the Parent Association is comprised of two Co-Chairs for the Middle School, four Co-Chairs for the Upper School, and one Chair for the Parent Education Program.

    There are six or more volunteer Domestic Parent Representatives per grade who provide a vital communication link between domestic families and administration, as well as one to two International Parent Representatives per Upper School grade who provide a similar communication link between international students, their families (on occasion) and the school. Annual Parent Association Meetings hosted by school administrators are also convened overseas, usually in Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei. Meetings have also been held in Seoul, Shenzhen, and Tokyo in recent years

    Parent Events