Why Give?

To Invest in Faculty Excellence

At the core of The Northwest School’s philosophy is the quality of our faculty. Every day, Northwest School students learn through doing, work across disciplines, and take risks. Our faculty must continually renew and develop their expertise to remain the best in their field. When you give to our faculty, you invest in inspired learning. Uniquely Northwest is our annual fund that supports creativity and innovation in the classroom as well as faculty professional development. Learn more or give now.

To Increase Access to Education

The Northwest School’s philosophy embraces socio-economic diversity as essential for providing the highest quality of secondary education. The Raymond Taussig Terry Financial Aid Endowment is a sustainable and permanent source of funding for families who need tuition assistance. Giving to this fund honors the school’s founding vision, increases the number of students who can receive aid, and ensures that families from all backgrounds can access The Northwest School education. Learn more or give now.

To Strengthen Our Community

When every student can participate fully in the educational experience at The Northwest School, the entire community is strengthened. Giving to The Northwest Experience Fund helps the school to fulfill its commitment to give every student a complete education by providing a resource for financial aid needs beyond tuition. When every student experiences all that our program has to offer, the entire school becomes more supportive, welcoming, and safe for everyone to take intellectual and creative risks. Learn more or give now.

To Ensure Sustainability

A deep culture of philanthropy will sustain the School’s values, excellence, and mission for future generations of students. Through generous annual donations, the gift of volunteering, support for our capital campaigns, and investments in our endowment - the foundation of our financial sustainability--our alumni, families, and friends will ensure that the powerful legacy of a Northwest education will be here next year and for many years to follow.