Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of The Northwest School. The Board is composed of at least 12 and up to 24 members. In addition, a few positions on the board are ex-officio (nonvoting): two parent association co-chairs, and the Head of School.


The Board’s overall mission is to preserve the school for future generations. To attain that mission, it has five primary responsibilities:

  • To develop a mission, strategic plan and policy goals
  • To evaluate adherence to them; and to establish policies consistent with them
  • To hire, support and annually evaluate an excellent Head of School
  • To maintain the financial stability and the financial future of the school
  • To show commitment and leadership in fundraising

Our Guiding Principle

Culturally Responsive Board Leadership

Culturally responsive board leadership is a governance model whereby the Board of Trustees and its individual members are:

  • Becoming aware of their own assumptions and perspectives
  • Actively attempting to understand the worldview of diverse populations
  • Striving to understand and address institutional and individual biases and oppression of marginalized identities and the impact these have on fulfilling the board’s mission
  • Developing appropriate, relevant, and sensitive strategies to create diversity and to govern in a culture of equity and inclusion

One manifestation of our commitment to this leadership model can be found in the Northwest School Board Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan, which you can find here.

Strategic Framework

The Northwest School Board of Trustees has a strategic framework that focuses on six directions:

  1. Student-centered learning leads to a sense of wonder, purpose, and agency.
  2. Our diverse community works relentlessly to advance equity and inclusion so that all can thrive.
  3. Our technology integration model empowers all students, fostering creativity and capacity for complex problem-solving.
  4. We work at the forefront of social justice, environmental stewardship, and global perspective, passionately engaged at their critical intersection.
  5. Our urban campus reflects our educational philosophy—bold, imaginative, and consistent with our environmental values.
  6. Exceptional faculty—our greatest resource—continue to choose The Northwest School.

Board Minutes

The Board meets nine times per year, and although they're not open to the public, minutes are available to Northwest School families and faculty to help keep you informed.

The board minutes are kept on My BackPack. Click here to access them (login required).

Responsibilities and Commitments

Parent, guardians, alumni, parents of alumni, and community members all volunteer for the school in many ways. Some serve as members of the Board of Trustees and non-Trustee members of the permanent and ad-hoc Board Committees. Their service is invaluable to the school as the Board oversees the Head of School. Diverse perspectives, interests, and professional expertise are valued and necessary to enrich our students’ experience and strengthen the school. More information about the responsibilities and commitments of board members and committee volunteers can be found here.

Trustee Committee Chairs

Audit: Alan Caplan

Communications: Oceania Egan

Development: Julie Lyss

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Morva McDonald

Facilities: Gladys Ly-Au Young

Finance: Dan Raymond

Governance: Val Nelson 

Investment: Tina Ragen

Retirement Plan: John B. Lynch

Board Calendar