401 E Pike

Located just across the street from the original building, our new building brings many elements of daily student life into one exciting space. This “vertical campus” makes smart use of every square inch, featuring a league-size Gymnasium, 175-seat Theatre, two-tiered Dining Room, and 6,000 square foot Rooftop Sports Field. Greeting students and faculty as they come into the lobby is an original commissioned artwork by Ben Chickadel, designed to honor community and connection.

401EPike exterior

Our Newest Addition

NWS' multipurpose facility at 401 E Pike opened to students and faculty in January 2015.

401EPike gym


Overlooking the gymnasium, a fitness terrace features a TRX workout system, spin bikes and free weights.

401EPike lunch

Dining Hall

The dining hall is a fitting environment for the school’s five-star lunches.

TheHouse BlackBox

Blackbox Theatre

The Blackbox Theatre features state-of-the-art lighting, quadrophonic sound systems and a fully-equipped scene-building shop.

401EPike rooftop

Rooftop Sports Field

The 6,600 square foot rooftop sports field is the highest and largest of any school in Seattle.