Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

At The Northwest School, students and faculty come from multiple regions and backgrounds. We speak different languages and follow different cultural paths. And through these differences we learn and grow. Since its founding in 1980, we have embraced diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential to a robust and quality education. The Northwest School cultivates an inclusive, authentic, and positive experience for its students, faculty, and extended family. In doing so, we provide a home for academic, social, and personal growth and model our values for the larger community. We believe that the education of responsible citizens happens best when a diverse group of students studies a variety of perspectives in an atmosphere of respect.

Defining Our Commitments

Diversity - A Variety of Identities

Diversity is our commitment to build and maintain a mission-congruent community that includes individuals and families who represent a wide variety of identities. Characteristics by which individuals or families may identify include dimensions of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status and family structure, national origin, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, political perspectives, learning differences, ability, and more.

Equity - Fair Treatment, Full Access

Equity is our commitment to acknowledge and overcome the barriers, both historical and contemporary, that prevent individuals and groups from full agency and achievement. Equity requires the fair treatment of all members of our community, including full access to school programs and opportunities.

Inclusion - A Sense of Belonging and Empowerment

Inclusion is our commitment to enable and encourage the participation and contribution of all members of our community. Inclusion is the intentional, ongoing practice of creating conditions where all individuals are valued and all voices heard, and where each member of our community feels a sense of belonging, respect, support, and empowerment.

Our dedication to diversity manifests itself in specific ways:

  • A community of students, parents, faculty and alumni from a wide diversity of backgrounds
  • A welcoming school atmosphere marked by respect for differences, mutual trust, celebration of diverse cultures, and thoughtful engagement in open dialogue
  • A belief in the intelligence and good will of all people that allows us to act with personal integrity and consideration for others
  • A cross-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and globally-oriented curriculum that explores historic and current issues of social justice
  • An international program that draws approximately 20% of our Upper School students from around the world
  • A commitment to enrollment, hiring and personnel policies free from bias and discrimination
  • A financial aid program that devotes approximately $2 million annually to need-based assistance
  • International travel opportunities through which our students explore other cultures

I am more respectful, critical, and accepting because of my time here. Northwest has given me much, much more than just an academic education. I’ve learned how to be a citizen of the world.

NWS Student

Graduating Senior '14

Our community continually examines ways to translate our commitment to diversity into specific actions. Students stay involved through forming interest/affinity groups such as:

  • Asian Pacific Islander Affinity Group
  • Black Students Union
  • International Student Union
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Latin American Union
  • Q-Club (LGBTQ+ Identity)
  • White Antiracist Student Group
  • Womxnist Interest Group

Students and faculty also organize and attend conferences such as:

For updated diversity-related content on our website, please look at these blog posts.

For inquiries about diversity at The Northwest School, please contact the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Anshu Wahi.