Affording Additional Expenses

While tuition does cover most of the costs associated with the school day, families can anticipate some addition costs in addition to tuition. The Northwest School’s philosophy is that independent school education is a choice, and that both the school and families make significant financial sacrifices to support this choice. Some costs, such as grade level trip fees, apply to all students, while others would depend on activities that your student chooses.

Thank you so much for The X-Fund Program. Without it, my child would not have been able to travel to El Salvador this year. It helps so much to know there are such generous people in the world.

Northwest Parent 2018

Affording Additional Expenses

We recognize that families receiving financial aid already make a significant sacrifice in order to pay tuition, and that required additional costs might represent a genuine hardship. For families receiving financial aid, the costs listed below are covered in full by The Northwest School Experience Fund.

Additionally, there may be unanticipated expenses that are unique to each family (cleats for soccer or ultimate, for example) that are covered. Families are welcome to contribute something toward the costs of any of the above.

Some families receiving a high percentage of financial aid may also require assistance with the cost of transporting their student to and from school each day. For these families, The Northwest Experience Fund may provide an ORCA card for their student.

Required Expenses

  • Books: $200 per year
  • Grade Level Trip: $90 per year

Optional Expenses

  • Yearbook: $60
  • Middle School After School Program: $15 per day
  • Musical instrument Rental: varies
  • Middle School After School Enrichment Classes: Average $200 per season
  • Upper School Sports Fee: $100 per season
  • Outdoor Program Trips: Under $100 for most trips
  • Additional fees associated with Summits (for travel or materials): varies
  • Study Abroad for 10th grade students: varies

Contact Us

For questions or more information, contact Jonathan Hochberg, director of financial aid, at 206.816.6210.

The Northwest School Experience Fund was established to apply financial assistance in full or part to families who need it in order for their child(ren) to have the full experience of opportunities available to Northwest School students. To make a gift or to learn more about supporting The Northwest Experience Fund, click here.