How to Setup a Magnus Account & Download the Magnus Mobile App

1.    For the best experience, start by using a browser on a computer. Log into Magnus by first logging into your parent MyBackPack account. 

2.    Navigate to the Magnus Login link, found in the Message Center of My BackPack. 

3.    At the Magnus Health Login Screen Prompt, please log in. 

4.    Once logged into Magnus via the browser on your computer, hover over your name (top left of screen). 

5.    If you have not already done so, choose “Change Credentials” to set up the Magnus Mobile App account. This step is essential for you to complete your COVID-19 Daily Health Screening.

6.    Download the “Magnus Health” app from the Google Play Store or download the “Magnus Mobile V2” app from the Apple Store and login using your newly created username/password combination. If your device allows it, you can also set up the biometric login for easier access.  

7.    Log onto the Magnus Health mobile app on your mobile device with the credentials you set up. Once logged into the mobile app, you will see your student(s). Follow the steps below to complete the COVID-19 Daily Health Screening.

How to Complete COVID-19 Daily Health Screening

You will need to fill out the COVID-19 Daily Health Screening for each of your students every time they participate in in-person learning or activities.

1.    Tap your student’s name and then the “COVID-19” icon

2.    Answer all the questions that populate in the screening

3.    You will need to take and record each student’s temperature at home and enter it into the daily health assessment

4.    You will receive a confirmation message upon completing the screening that either says “Go” or “Stop”

5.    If you receive a “Stop” message for your student, they should not come to school. Notify the Health Coordinator.