Updated: September 7, 2021

Over the past many months, we've learned that vaccination is the single most important way to keep ourselves and our community safe. Therefore, all eligible NWS students must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to the start of school.

We recognize that access to immunizations varies by family. We are asking that everyone currently eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine receives at least one dose prior to the start of the school year. With that said, it is our expectation that all eligible students will receive their second COVID-19 vaccine dose no later than September 30. This will ensure that all eligible students are fully vaccinated no later than October 14. This time frame is consistent with the vaccine administration timeline.

For those already fully vaccinated, please upload vaccine information via Magnus by September 9. Families not able to vaccinate their eligible students should contact Health Coordinator Sierra Maxwell by September 1 to discuss our exemption policy.

We are also very excited about our current vaccination progress and look forward to watching our numbers increase as we grow closer to the start of the new school year. As of September 7, 86.8% of eligible students have been fully vaccinated.

Please note that we are keeping a close eye on vaccine approval status for students under 12, which is important to many Northwest School families with younger students or siblings at home.

Daily Health Screenings

We will be using the COVID-19 Daily Health Screening assessment in the Magnus Health mobile app to track the health of our students and faculty members. In an effort to keep our community safe, all parents/guardians will be required to complete this daily health screening for each student attending in-person classes/activities at NWS prior to their departure to school or an event.

The ‘Magnus Mobile V2’ app will allow parents/guardians to complete this assessment easily from a smartphone in just a few clicks. This screening process will help us to create the safest possible environment for your students and our faculty by avoiding screenings at the door where person-to-person transmissions could take place.

All parents/guardians must submit the screening each morning no later than 7:50 am. Please reserve 1 to 2 minutes per student to complete this each morning. At the completion of the quick survey each morning, you will receive a message with the student’s attendance instruction for that day. If your student does not pass the daily health screening, keep them home and notify the Health Coordinator as soon as possible.