Health and Safety

We believe there is nothing more important than safeguarding your student’s health. The Northwest School has taken a multi-layered approach to campus safety to provide a low-hazard environment in which to learn, teach, work, and visit.


Student Cases by Division

Middle School: 0
Upper School: 0

Covid Information & Other Health Procedures

As The Northwest School enters a new school year our primary goal is to maximize the number of days students and faculty are present and safe.

Compared to last year, we have more knowledge, tools and resources available to accomplish this; however, the best approach is multi-level and requires a partnership of students, families and faculty. 

This year, we’re focusing on vaccination, ventilation and filtration systems, staying home when sick, and testing and isolation.

Please browse through the topics in this section to find the information you need on health and safety at The Northwest School; we will continue to update this page as we move through the 2022-23 school year.