Developing Diverse Palates

Developing Diverse Palates

We believe there is great value in offering new flavors and encouraging students to try foods from many cultures. The aim is to create a program that is fun and respects the cultures the food is striving to represent and develops students who are willing to try new dishes and condiments.

In addition to the school’s popular and varied main dishes from Asian, Greek, Italian, Mexican, and American cuisines, the kitchen periodically offers Tasting Tables where students can try out adventurous ways the school’s garden harvest translates into delectable eating. For example, the Farm and Garden’s first crop of radishes produced a green chimichurri sauce and kale salad that were great hits with both students and faculty.

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We ask our students to stretch themselves--take a dance class, play an instrument, go out for volleyball--it's the same with eating: try it, stretch yourself. You may not think you like this food, well try it: you may find it's growing on you and, suddenly, you crave it.

Bethany Fong

Director of Dining Services