Supporting Healthy Food Systems

Supporting Healthy Food Systems

Striving to eat more sustainably goes hand in hand with the school’s mission. We believe in sustainable food purchases to support, perpetuate, and develop a healthy food system that will last for generations to come. This includes sourcing organic ingredients and humanely raised poultry, meat, and fish. One example of our commitment to sustainable and humane practices is to purchase only cage free eggs and wild-caught salmon.

As part of our commitment to support a healthy food system, our Director of Food Services Bethany Fong plans the daily menu for 500+ people based off a fresh list from the Puget Sound Food Hub. Puget Sound Food Hub is a co-op system of small farm owners in the Skagit Valley area. Farmers forecast what produce they will have available and then post that information on the Food Hub's website.

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At University of British Columbia, we had everyone from bankers to First nation elders come speak to us, nutritionists tell us how to eat better, wildlife specialist lecture about how to maintain healthy habitats. All those things are important. It's a concept I actually learned at The Northwest School.

Jacob Slosberg '06

Co-owner of Boldly Grown Farms in Skagit Valley