Adelyn Luke

Adelyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in human geography and music from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Master of Arts in teaching and elementary education, also from UNC.

Adelyn joins us from Brogden Middle School in Durham, N.C., where she has served as a sixth-grade science teacher.  Her other experience includes teaching math and science, and serving as a director of junior staff for Camp Celo in Celo, N.C.

In her cover letter, Adelyn told us: “After teaching different grade levels I fell in love with the middle school setting because of the unique developmental stage that middle school students are in. I am eager to be in a middle school classroom, guiding a group of curious learners in projects that build community, ingenuity, and also contribute positively to the local and global communities that we are members of.”

When she is not teaching science and math, Adelyn enjoys playing guitar, song-writing, playing Dungeons and Dragons and identifying trees!

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